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Meet the Golf Professionals of Arrowhead Golf Club

Matt Nations

Golf makes Arrowhead Golf Club Assistant Golf Professional Matt Nations “more of a patient person.”

“There are so many things you can’t control,” he says. “You could hit a perfect shot and get a bad bounce. You take it in stride and accept what’s happening out there.”

But individual and group lessons can help any golfer, from seasoned 300-yard sluggers to putting specialists to people picking up a club for the first time.

“Everybody [has] different techniques, everybody [has] a different personality,” Matt says. “It’s like an interview. You get a feel for the person, how they accept your advice, and how that translates. Sometimes it’s hard, and sometimes it’s a matter of time commitment.”

One skill in which Matt believes any golfer can succeed, given enough practice, is putting.

“Not everybody can hit [their] tee-shot 300 yards or hit [their] irons perfectly, but everybody can be a good putter,” he says. “It’s like practicing handwriting. Put enough time into it, and you can be the world’s greatest putter.”

Tiger Woods is a great putter, and was also an influence on Matt and a reason to watch golf.

“If he was playing well, you’d be watching golf, and if he wasn’t, you weren’t,” Matt says. “He’s just like a magnet. On the course, he was so dominant, [and] it’s hard to not appreciate that.”

Matt started golf when he was eleven, playing with his brother.

During the summer, “we’d go three or four times a week to the club our parents belonged to, just me and him, and we’d be our own coaches. I’d help him, he’d help me.”

For a few years, Matt worked at a golf retail store as a club fitter, but has since made the leap into Arrowhead.

Though some veteran golfers would prefer the sport remain the same, Matt thinks golf will change to attract younger generations to the game, particularly by cutting the time required to play a round and by implementing new technology.

“Instead of nine holes, you’re going to play three 3-par holes,” Matt says, and golfers will be able to see “points leaders.”

Eventually, Matt envisions a screen at every tee box with an interactive diagram of each hole, displaying the best drives, chips, and putts that day, week, month, and year.

While the facade of golf may change, the core of it—having fun, developing athletic skills, improving physical and mental health, and, perhaps, learning personal lessons—may not.

“I know I’ll never be as good as I think I should be,” he says. “It teaches me to stay within my limits, on and off the course.”

To book a lesson with Matt, please call 630.653.5800 or stop in at the Arrowhead Golf Club pro shop, 26W151 Butterfield Road, Wheaton.


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