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3-Person Scramble

October 3 | Arrowhead Golf Club

This is a competitive 18-hole, 3-person scramble.

Interested parties will assemble their own team. Teams will play in 2 3-person groups per tee time. Teams will be assigned a handicap for the event based on the cumulative handicap of the team members. Shots will be subtracted from the 18-hole total at the end of the round.


Team Handicap

0-9.9 = -0 shots
10.0-19.9 = -1 shot
20.0-29.9 = -2 shots
30.0-39.9 = -3 shots
40.0-49.9 = -4 shots
50.0-59.9 = -5 shots
60.0-69.9 = -6 shots
70.0-79.9 = -7 shots
80.0-89.9 = -8 shots
90.0-99.9 = -9 shots
100.0 & over = -10 shots

All teams will start the first hole from the white tees. Each time a group makes a birdie or better, they will play the blue tees on the next hole. Each time a group makes a par, they will play the white tees on the next hole. Each time a group makes a bogey or more, they will play the red tees on the next hole. This process will be repeated for all 18 holes. All ties will be settled using a scorecard backward playoff, without a handicap.


Entry Fee: $345 per team ($115 per person)

The entry fee covers golf, cart, prizes, and lunch from the Halfway House immediately after the event.

To register, complete and sign the Entry Form (PDF) and submit to the Pro Shop with payment by September 28, 2020. Entry forms are also available in the Pro Shop.

Entry Form
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