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ArrowHead Golf Course during sun set with trees and a bench
ArrowHead Golf Course with fall color trees
ArrowHead Golf Course and trees
© Kmiecik Imagery
ArrowHead flower garden
ArrowHead Golf Course with flag, trees and shrubs
ArrowHead Golf course view from the patio

Restaurant & Bar

Brazilian Flank Steak dish. steak, tomato, onion and potato
Arrowhead different cocktails in different glasses
Turkey Meatloaf dish with mushroom sauce and green beans
Arrowhead bar with booths seating
ArrowHead food - Nachos and Salsa plate
ArrowHead Bar
ArrowHead food -Chili plate with sour cream and green onion
ArrowHead food - Caprese Salad tomato, cheese and dressing plate
Arrowhead Golf Club Restaurant, with antique bicycle hanging on the wall
Arrowhead Restaurant - Chicago burger plate
ArrowHead food - Gnocchi plate
Arrowhead food - Farmers Chicken with sauce and asparagus
© Kmiecik Imagery
ArrowHead food - Greens Keeper wrap
ArrowHead Food - Friday Fish Fry with fries and dip plate
ArrowHead restaurant

Corporate Meetings

ArrowHead Corporate Room - Table set up with water bottles and handout boxes
ArrowHead Corporate meeting room - set up with projector in the middle
ArrowHead Corporate room - Champions room
© Kmiecik Imagery
ArrowHead Corporate meeting room

Weddings and Social Events

Arrowhead Golf Club

26W151 Butterfield Rd., Wheaton, IL 60189
Ph: 630-653-5800 (General Information and Golf)
Ph: 630-653-5800 (Restaurant and Bar)
Ph: 630-653-5802 (Banquets and Events)
Fax: 630-653-5864

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Golf Course
Restaurant & Bar
Weddings & Social Events
Corporate Meetings