Golf Professionals

Matthew Nations, PGA

Director of Golf

Every golfer has a different level of expectation for their golf game. Some are high, some, not as high. Part of my responsibility as a Golf Professional is to help my students understand the difference between what they want and need in their golf game and finding a path to achieve both.

It’s not my goal to get you to play like the professionals on TV, or even make you better than your friends or family or coworkers; my priority is to help get you to a point where you can enjoy the game and build from there. I don’t believe in taking 2 steps back in order to take a step forward. Let’s have fun now, let’s get better now.

I gave my first lesson on the same day I played my first round of golf. I was 10 years old. My brother and I taught each other every time we played golf together. We weren’t discussing the benefits of a shallow swing plane that generates a positive azimuth and the effect it has on spin rates or dynamic loft. We weren’t even dissecting the limitations a golfer experiences with Upper Crossed Syndrome and how the anterior muscles inhibit proper rotational sequencing.

All we did was eat hot dogs and encourage each other.

Sure, we’d notice a thing here and there about the swing in hopes to correct it, but the core of our “teaching” was through encouragement. Encouragement comes in many forms: praise, ridicule, success, failure, compassion, kindness, collaboration, cooperation, etc. Ours was simple: We joked, we competed, we cheated, and we celebrated. Those were the best lessons because it always made us come back. It made us want to be better, improve, in our own game and in our ability to help each other.

We knew how to talk to each other and we knew how to listen to each other and that is the foundation of my teaching: Communication.

Getting my students to hit a good golf shot is the easy part. Getting my students to understand why they hit a good golf shot is the fun part. I learn just as much from my students that my students learn from me. I learn how you learn and with that knowledge I am able to provide you the right type and amount of information you need in a lesson. I keep instruction simple and I keep the lessons casual. Hitting a good golf shot is great, right? How about hitting that same shot with a group of people watching? Even better. By eliminating any doubt, fear, or intimidation from your inner golfing psychosis I can help you thoroughly enjoy the game.

Sometimes the game seems easy, most of the time it’s hard, but it should always give you a reason to come back, to be better, to relax more, to focus more, to celebrate more.

To find the enjoyment in the challenge.

And eat a hot dog.

To book a lesson with Matt, please call 630.653.5800 or stop in at the Arrowhead Golf Club Pro Shop, 26W151 Butterfield Road, Wheaton.

Andrew Ogata, PGA

Head Golf Professional

Andrew Ogata is a dedicated PGA Professional with a profound passion for nurturing the growth of golf. With a keen eye for the intricacies of the game and an unwavering commitment to excellence, Andrew brings a wealth of expertise to his role at Arrowhead Golf Club. His journey in golf began with a deep love for the sport, evolving into a lifelong dedication to mastering its nuances and sharing his knowledge with others.

As a PGA Professional, Andrew thrives on the opportunity to work alongside a fantastic staff, fostering an environment where every golfer feels welcome and inspired to improve. He understands that the true essence of golf lies not just in its technical aspects but also in the sense of community it cultivates. Andrew is deeply committed to creating memorable experiences for each visitor to Arrowhead Golf Club, whether they are seasoned players or newcomers to the game.

Andrew’s dedication extends beyond the confines of the golf course; he is constantly seeking new ways to innovate and elevate the golfing experience for his patrons. His relentless pursuit of excellence is matched only by his genuine enthusiasm for sharing the joys of golf with others. Andrew Ogata is not only a PGA Professional but also a steward of the game, dedicated to enriching the lives of those who cross paths with him at Arrowhead Golf Club.

To book a lesson with Andrew, please call 630.653.5800 or stop in at the Arrowhead Golf Club Pro Shop, 26W151 Butterfield Road, Wheaton.

Jack Granath, PGA

Assistant Golf Professional

Since my start at Arrowhead Golf Club, I have been welcomed with open arms from all our staff and guests. As a golf professional, I love every aspect of what Arrowhead has to offer, from the pristine 27-hole golf course and practice facility to the state-of-the-art clubhouse, it is such a wonderful place to call home.

Being a former college and professional baseball player turned golf professional, I know what it’s like to be a beginner and to also perform at the highest of levels. I look forward to using my knowledge and experience to help golfers of all levels enjoy their time out on the golf course.

To book a lesson with Jack, please call 630.653.5800 or stop in at the Arrowhead Golf Club Pro Shop, 26W151 Butterfield Road, Wheaton.


badge for best driving range by Chicago Golf Report Voted as one of the Best Driving Ranges in Chicago by Chicago Golf Report

Featured in Chicago District Golfer's "Chicago's Best 19 Holes"
"This is our group’s favorite golf outing. If we only did one outing per year, this would be it."
- Ed Berndt, Prudential Spengel Realty
"Arrowhead has the feel of a private course that is well maintained. A beautiful facility in all respects. The course is a great layout, well spaced, nice challenge. We played on Tuesday 8/6/19 and played the South / East combination. A few of the greens looked to have been recently aerated, but they all rolled nicely. Definitely recommend."
- Scott T., Yelp
"With its unique 27-hole layout, this nicely maintained course is sure to hold your interest."
- Val Russell, Chicagoland Golf
"Public golfers at Arrowhead Golf Club will discover it to be a captivating, challenging, thoughtful design."
- Phil Kosin, Chicagoland Golf
"...[one] of the top golf driving ranges and golf practice facilities in the Chicagoland area."
- Walter Lis, Chicago Golf Report

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