Tip from a Wedding Pro!

We caught up with professional wedding photographer Vince Griff from www.griff-photography.com to talk about the best time of day to have your wedding photos taken!

If you’re planning a wedding, I am sure you have come across someone (most likely a photographer or someone that you know who does photography) talk about the best light for photos or the worst time of day to have your photos taken. There definitely are certain times of day where the light is much more appealing for photos. But, if you need to get your photos done at a time of day where the light isn’t so great, there are some tricks that you can do to turn not so good light, into great light!

Here are some great tips that we learned from Vince…

Golden Hour

The best time of day, by far, is golden hour. This is the hour right after sunrise, or the hour before sunset. The sun takes on a beautiful golden temperature hence the name, “Golden Hour.” This also is the time of day where there is direction to the light so there is depth to the image. If the sun is coming from the side, you are going to get that gorgeous rim light on the side of your face, separating you from the background. When the sun is directly overhead, usually right around noon, you get harsh shadows under your eyes and it is very unflattering.

Shade Is Your Friend

If you are getting your photos done at noon, don’t worry, you can still get incredible images. Here is the secret, shade is your friend! If you have that harsh afternoon light raining down on you, get into the shade of a tree or in a spot where the light is being blocked by a building. When you’re in the shade, you will have beautiful even light accenting your features. This kind of light will also bring focus to you and less on the background. This is also an amazing way to stay cool in the heat of summer.

Your photographer will have their own way of dealing with challenging light, but one thing is for sure, they should be aiming to at least get 15 minutes in that beautiful evening light. If planned right, you will also be able to finish the photo session with a gorgeous sunset to cap off the day.


Photo taken by www.griff-photography.com

About Vince

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