Dress Up Your Place Settings with Fancy Napkin Folds

Meticulous attention to detail is the key to giving your wedding celebration an air of elegance that your guests won’t soon forget.

The place settings, the centerpieces, even the way the napkins are folded make an impression.

At Arrowhead Golf Club, when you plan your special day, you may select from a myriad of fancy napkin folds to give your event an extra infusion of panache and polish.

“During our wedding tastings, we do display each napkin fold,” said Olivia Englert, Arrowhead sales and wedding coordinator. Couples may choose from the display.

There are two types of pocket folds available.

“These are perfect for weddings if they are doing thank-you cards, or menu cards,” Olivia said. Even items such as chocolate bar favors can be inserted in the pocket for each guest.

Another fold popular at weddings is the spiral fold that Olivia calls simple and elegant.

The rose fold imitates the petals of a blooming flower and are placed inside wine glasses.

The tent fold is a standard option often used for showers and corporate events that is sometimes used at weddings. There is also an intricate fold known as the bishop’s hat that is most frequently used at fundraisers.

The tuxedo fold, or the “bath robe” as staff like to call it, is typically used for the cake table, Olivia said.

The drape, or hang-over fold, extends over the edge of the table.

“This option is beautiful with a colored napkin against our standard ivory linen,” Olivia said.

Ivory and black linen napkins are complimentary. Couples may choose other colors for an extra charge.