Weddings are about commitment and tradition. You’ll want your wedding celebration to follow time-honored customs. But you may also want to stand out from the rest by inventing a few traditions of your own. We’d like to offer a few suggestions. Who says a wedding cake is a must-have? Instead, go with a sweets table. The possibilities for variety are as endless as your sweet tooth-inspired imagination.

White is not the only color for bridal gowns. Consider adding a splash of color. Same for bridesmaid dresses. Take it a step further and let your bridesmaids make the call, allowing them to choose bridesmaid dress colors and styles. Let creativity rule! For a modern twist on photo keepsakes, provide photo booth backdrops or neon signs.

If you’re a bit fidgety about how the ceremony and/or the reception will go on the Big Day, do a “first look” beforehand to get well-staged photos and put your mind at ease. And, for couples that favor a more intimate celebration, make it a “micro-wedding” and keep the guest list to under 100 guests.

Let your imagination go wild! Think about varying any and all wedding traditions to make your event truly your own.