Golf Tips

During the Off-Season

Tip #1: Prevent Your Swing From Hibernating

Make it a point to hit some balls at least a couple of times a month during the winter. This practice will help you to be ready for that first round of golf in the spring.

Tip #2: Evaluate Your Equipment

February is a great time to buy new equipment. All of the products for the new year are released by then and many of last year’s top items will be on sale. Visit the expert club fitters at Pelican Golf, to find your perfect fit.

Tip #3: Get Stronger

Once you learn to make solid contact with the ball on a regular basis, almost nothing can improve your game more than being stronger and more physically fit. Find a personal trainer and let them know your goal is to improve strength and flexibility to improve your golf game.

Need a recommendation? Contact Wheaton Park District’s Parks Plus Fitness Center at 630.871.6213 or visit

Tip #4: Read, Read, Read

Most golf books are instructional in nature and you need to be careful to not let differing opinions confuse you. Other books are just great stories that will keep you connected to the game.

Top picks:

Tip #5: Get Out of Dodge

Winters in the Midwest are tough on everyone but can be especially demoralizing for golfers. A golf trip will give you something to look forward to and helps break up the winter. There are tons of destinations for every budget.

Check out


badge for best driving range by Chicago Golf Report Voted as one of the Best Driving Ranges in Chicago by Chicago Golf Report

Featured in Chicago District Golfer's "Chicago's Best 19 Holes"
"Arrowhead has the feel of a private course that is well maintained. A beautiful facility in all respects. The course is a great layout, well spaced, nice challenge. We played on Tuesday 8/6/19 and played the South / East combination. A few of the greens looked to have been recently aerated, but they all rolled nicely. Definitely recommend."
- Scott T., Yelp
"...[one] of the top golf driving ranges and golf practice facilities in the Chicagoland area."
- Walter Lis, Chicago Golf Report
"With its unique 27-hole layout, this nicely maintained course is sure to hold your interest."
- Val Russell, Chicagoland Golf
"Public golfers at Arrowhead Golf Club will discover it to be a captivating, challenging, thoughtful design."
- Phil Kosin, Chicagoland Golf
"This is our group’s favorite golf outing. If we only did one outing per year, this would be it."
- Ed Berndt, Prudential Spengel Realty

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In-Season Golf Tips

Tip #1: Practice With Purpose

Practicing your golf game is imperative to developing skill. We urge our students to have a method or routine to their practice habits too. They can be as simple as the order in which you practice certain areas of your game: i.e., starting on the driving range, then move to the chipping area, and finish with putting. Stick with a routine. Focus on having a purpose for every swing. Organizing the way you practice builds a great foundation for healthy practicing habits which, with commitment, transfer to executing on the golf course.

Tip #2: Stretch

No matter how frequent or irregular you play and/or practice you should always begin by stretching the core body muscles you use during the golf swing. It’s often overlooked how physically demanding the golf swing can be. You can help your body prepare and avoid stress or injuries by properly stretching before you play.

Tip #3: Eat!

The importance of staying hydrated is common knowledge. Did you know that if you ever get to a point where you are hungry while doing a physical activity it’s already too late. Your body won’t be able to transfer the energy it needs to support the demand you are putting on it. Snack well and snack often!