Golf Tips

It’s Time to Release

The question of the summer has been, “How do I stop hitting my shots to the right?”

Think of your golf swing like throwing a baseball. Like in baseball, it’s very hard to get your ball where you want it to go if you don’t release your hands down your target line.

Try this simple drill to hit straight:

  1. Start with a baseball. Try throwing the ball without extending your arm and stopping halfway towards your target. When you do this, notice the ball does not go far and it is hard to control the ball’s direction.
  2. Now, try again and extend your arm and get the feeling that you are trying to snap your wrists in the directions of your target making sure your arm is fully extended and completely stretched out where you want the ball to go. As a right handed golfer, if your club head points right at impact then your golf ball will go right and if the club head points left at impact the ball will go left.
  3. Once you have performed Step 2 a few times, switch the baseball for a golf club and repeat. You should see an increase in distance and possibly start seeing a straighter ball flight, maybe even seeing a slight draw.

Click images below for larger view.

No releasing of the club head

Snapping wrist toward target

Club head releasing with toe of club pointing to the sky

Not releasing hand toward target