Grooms: Suiting Up For A Wedding

Finding just the right attire for the groom is a pursuit that considers several factors.

Color and fabric choices should be based on whether the wedding will take place in warm weather or during the colder seasons. For spring and summer, lighter colors, and breathable fabric, like linen, are good options.

For fall and winter, go darker. Black is traditional and always appropriate but not required. Any darker, denser color will work, from navy to grey and dark tan.

For formal weddings, tuxedoes are the best way to go. Modern weddings aren’t always formal, so in the case of a less formal event, suits are acceptable and considered a little bit more casual and comfortable.

Shoe color should match the suit or tux as closely as possible. Care also should be taken to coordinate ties or pocket squares with bridesmaid dresses.

Color and texture play a role in how a wedding party may appear in photos and the moment in time. Take the time to consider these details for a picture-perfect event.