Wedding Guest book

Imaginative Ways to Update Your Guest Book Experience

Keeping records of your wedding guests doesn’t have to be a simple list of names and addresses. When you plan your Guest Book, imagine going with an audio version rather than using the typical paper and pen. Guests simply call into a recording device, such as an old-fashioned rotary dial “phone,” and leave a recorded message. It’s fun, it makes a great keepsake and it’s just a little departure from what guests may expect.

Another way to make the guest book a little more fun and interactive is to ask your guests to offer date-night suggestions and advice cards with each entry. To create more visual appeal in your guest book, have a book made with your engagement photos, leaving space under or around them where guests may sign. If you’d like your guests to fill out little cards and drop them into a basket or wooden container, consider having your last name engraved on a barrel-top lid for the container, making the deposit of each guest entry feel more intimate and personal.

These are just a few ideas. Feel free to dream up your own!